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Between the Southern Region and Montreuil the duo traces its route...

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Le Montreullois 2020.png


Tarazed, emotion intact

Luminous and captivating presence of the sensual singer of Tarazed, Magali L'Antoine, surrounded by her "band" of virtuosos, surfing the musical registers with an ease that leaves you dreaming. We would almost forget the essentials: texts inspired, poetic, committed sometimes, often funny, interpreted with brio and passion.

Between rock band and street performance, we find in Tarazed a freedom in creation, a personal, mature and inhabited work that makes all the strings of emotion vibrate in us.

Laurence Couque

Tarazed is beautiful at the Sentier des Halles



I was expecting a nice little concert at the Sentier des Halles and I was stunned by this group labeled “pop-rock-Andalusian” yet totally unclassifiable. First there is this unique atmosphere, steeped in mystery, poetry and humor, a complicity between the musicians and

an artistic quality that really pleases. Then there is the radiance of the singer, inhabited, beautiful, sometimes a little girl, sometimes a femme fatale, always with perfect control of her voice and a great register. We talk about love, we talk about war, the love of mothers, of acrobats (special hats off to Verlaine), of life, of death, in short of us and of the human condition. We laugh, we cry and we tell ourselves that we did well to move our buttocks

that night.


Nina Prinzhorn

Editor O&Mather

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