"We find in Tarazed a freedom in creation, a personal, mature and inhabited work that makes vibrate in us all the ropes of emotion."

Laurence Coock

TARAZED,double glowing star in the constellation of the eagle symbolizes this poetically committed duo. Multiple, inspired, colourful, inventive, TARAZED owes its influences to the theatre, to the movement from which the founders came, but also to the cinema, to the fathers and mothers of pop, rock, world and classical music.

Bold and free like their subject, they have shaped together, their artistic personality on stage through different creations for many years. On stage, they perform in concert or musical original show with inventive pictures and acting games. 

Melodic sensual pop, street electro rock with incursions world or groovy depending on the mood, the duo plays with the styles, words and abolish genres, borders, limits for an improbable fusion, staggered, mixing humour and lyrical flights.

Their concerts in duo, quartet or quintet mix musical power, performance and theatricality, with a succession of dark, light, psychedelic, dreamlike or suspended climates.

Tarazed juggles with the languages English, Spanish, French, this is the particularity and the richness of their compositions

A duo engaged with heart in the Human condition, where cracking, renunciation, fighting, hope, are constantly reinvented through their poetic and inspired texts

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