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"After a first series of Parisian dates noticed in the autumn the tandem TARAZED goes back to the stage. Do You Speak Tina? provokes a plunge into an unbridled universe and a spirit of performance. unclassifiable, lyrical, dreamlike"
Jean-Luc Caradec/ La terrasse

A suite of pop-atmospheric and flamboyant musical paintings, which immerses us in the real and dreamed memories of TINA*, an illegal migrant, native of an overflowing world.«Human Being in search of freedom» facing the walls that are erected...

TARAZED, returns to the stage in an original concept:"The IRRATIONAL CONCERT". The duo immerses us in their poetic, musical and visual universe, interspersed with projections of fantastic symbolic images where the body, voice, acting come to arouse our emotions, our imagination, our consciousness, where the spectator travels according to his choices to the sandstone of his sensations, interpretations, questioning ...

DO YOU SPEAK TINA*? was inspired by Margaret Thatcher’s acronyme : There Is No Alternative in 1980, which gave impetus to the economic and societal trajectory of today’s world. The new digital age imposes its changes and updates TINA: migration, end of work, artificial intelligence, post-humanism... ?

Are We talking about the language of normed evidences, limitation, resignation...? perhaps There is New Alternative?!
A concert-narration with Anglo-Saxon, Hispanic accents on poetic texts in English, Spanish and French.

This show can be played in its original form or in a purely concert version. For more information please contact us.

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 Photo of   Photolitho 

Musical show - Irrational concert Performance - Visual Arts

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